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2009: Prince Henrik of Denmark visits Natur-Drogeriet A/S

In late Spring of 2009, Natur-Drogeriet received an inquiry from the Royal Danish Court: Prince Consort Henrik would like to visit the company. His interest in herbs and spices was well-known, and he was a faithful user of Natur-Drogeriet products.

The red carpet was in place, the Danish flag was flying, and the sun was shining on Friday July 10, 2009, as one of the most exquisite vehicles of the Danish Court stopped at the main entrance. A vigorous Prince and his entourage was welcomed by owners Peer og Jonna Christiansen – and quite a crowd of reporters and photographers. Accompanying the Prince was his personal trainer, Gunnar Nielsen, who shared his interest in herbal medicines.

”I have always been interested in herbal medicines,” Prince Henrik said - and Natur-Drogeriet was the very best place for him to broaden his knowledge.

”I think it is exciting to find new ways to boost your health,” he continued. Herbs and spices were a life-long interest of his - in later years evidenced by the well-assorted herbal gardens of both Fredensborg Slot and Château de Cayx.

Suitably clad in a lab coat, a hairnet and shoe covers, Prince Henrik was given a company tour by Peer Christiansen, who told him - with his habitual commitment and wit - about the challenges of the natural health industry and, not least, all the exciting herbs handled by Natur-Drogeriet. Production rooms are only accessible with strict hygiene measures so Prince Henrik had to settle for peering through windows and listen to in-depth explanations of the production process.

He showed a great interest in both methods and products and had great fun when Peer Christiansen tricked the press into tasting dried cochineal lice - an insect living off cactuses and providing the red colour of Campari. ”I often use it in the kitchen,” Prince Henrik laughed. To be fair, he also put a couple of lice on his tongue. Previously, the lice was used for lipstick colour and nowadays for, among other things, bitters. "The lice will come to life in liquid", the Prince joked - and the reporters instantly started picking them from their teeth.

Prince Henrik stayed at Natur-Drogeriet for more than the 90 minutes announced by the Court. A wonderful day that brought annual Christmas cards and signed books from Prince Henrik until his death in 2018.