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Who are we?

Natur-Drogeriet A/S is a modern production company.

We are approved by the Danish Medicines Agency to produce herbal remedies and strong vitamins and minerals. This means that we fully observe all legal requirements (GMP rules) imposed on companies producing and selling natural health articles.

In addition, we are approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to produce herbal teas, capsules, dietary supplements and herbs. This implies that we live up to administrative requirements for self-monitoring (quality management), e.g., allowing us to handle organic products.

Strict rules for extra safety issued by government agencies is a guarantee for manufacturers, wholesalers as well as consumers. However, we would like to add that since the establishment of Natur-Drogeriet in 1945 no serious adverse effects have been reported in relation to the use of our natural health products and foods.

Natur-Drogeriet A/S has an ERP system not only to facilitate the reception of orders, but also to enable os to perform extensive purchasing and production management. The system has a quality module assisting us in the right handling of the Danish Medicines and Food Acts.

"You are what you eat" is the cornerstone of all development and production of natural remedies and herbal foods under the brand name of Natur-Drogeriet A/S. 

Our 1,200+ articles are sold only in selected stores: natural health care shops, chemistries, Matas and natural therapists.

Prevention is to assume responsibility for one's own health - and do something about it!

We buy from companies in more than 60 countries. This means that we can always offer our customers the broadest assortment of natural remedies in Denmark - at the most favourable prises. Today, many parts of the world launch a multitude of new health products. It is important for us to follow international product development and scientific advances to enable us to offer our customers a wide selection of articles of an international standard.


We have app. 50 employees in administration, production and shipping.

Meet our administrative employees here!