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2001: Natur-Drogeriet - 25-year anniversary

On June 17, 2001 - on a bright and sunny day - Natur-Drogeriet A/S was able to celebrate its 25-year anniversary with app. 800 friends and business partners. A wonderful day for everyone!

In fact, the company was founded some years earlier, but Jonna and Peer Christiansen took over on this exact date 25 years ago. It was evident that a lot of effort and care had gone into the anniversary preparations to ensure that all guests felt welcome.

One of the main events was a combined training and lecture session with Carsten Vagn-Hansen, radio host and doctor, and his wife Joan. The popular couple entertained all guests with anecdotes, songs and music - and a truly instructive experience.

The food tent offered a buffet to be enjoyed with music from violins and a grand piano. A tour of the spaceous production rooms was performed. Immediately upon entering, one sensed the characteristically spicy aroma of the herbs handled in the production facilities. From their modest start in 1976, Jonna and Peer has developed Natur-Drogeriet into a modern company with app. 40 skilled and committed employees.

Nutrition expert and writer Frede Damgaard gave a presentation, stressing that everyone can improve their health by changing their eating habits and other aspects of their lifestyle. 18 years earlier, he had given a lecture in Copenhagen on the importance of a healthy diet. Among the audience were some doctors who did not believe that fruits and vegetables had any effect on the prevention of illness. Luckily, today's doctors have a less rejecting opinion of nature's remedies!

Throughout the day, guests were offered herbal teas and other samples of Natur-Drogeriet products - to be enjoyed with an inspiring exhibition of the company's wide selection of healthy products.