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2015: Natur-Drogeriet - 70-year Anniversary

2015: Natur-Drogeriet - 70-year Anniversary

Friday June 12, 2015, Natur-Drogeriet celebrated its 70-year anniversary. It was a great day with compelling lectures, company tours, exhibitions, experienced health industry advisers, time-honoured and brand-new products and - not least - happy people, good food and music and the most wonderful weather.

Anniversary lectures

Maiken Andersen: ”Vaccine eller ej” (Vaccines or not?)

Maiken Andersen is a registered nurse and medicines consultant. Her main area of work is the holistic approach to health and prevention of illness. Maiken is committed to spreading the knowledge of the body's ability to heal itself - and to fair information on the pharmaceutical industry and the negative effects we never hear of.

Her lecture focused on vaccines and their effects on our bodies - a much-discussed and sometimes explosive subject. Natur-Drogeriet does not take sides in this debate - the purpose of asking Maiken to present her views was to initiate a more refined debate.

Carsten Vagn-Hansen: ”Diabetes”

Carsten Vagn-Hansen has decades of experience as a doctor, health consultant, lecturer and author. He is a well-known radio host and features frequently in TV programmes and magazines. Based on his holistic approach, he has helped thousands of people with his advice on health and illnesses.

In this presentation, Carsten Vagn-Hansen talks about diabetes - a condition faced by thousands of people every year - and about the products that have helped so many of them.


Thorkild Rasmussen: ”Et bedre syn på ernæring” (Nutrition - a different view on vision problems) 

Thorkild Rasmussen has 40 years of clinical experience with the importance of nutrition on brain and vision health. He is a trained optician, and during his first 20 years he handled vision problems by treating their symptoms with glasses and contacts. Since 1995 where he went to the US for a training programme as a neuro-optician he has adopted a far more holistic approach and has focused on treating the reasons for vision problems. Through a combination of glasses, contacts, neuro-optometric training and diet advice, he has achieved unique results, even on an international scale.

In his presentation, Thorkild Rasmussen described how this combination of training, nutrition changes and dietary supplements has helped thousands of patients with dyslexia, double vision, strabismus, headache and dizziness. Even ADHD and a few cases of autism has been successfully treated. Thorkild also talked about the major role played by nutrition on the visual capabilities of "healthy" people. The vision reflects brain function - and our brain function is highly influenced by the things by our nutrition.

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