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2012: Traineeship of the Year

In 2012, Natur-Drogeriet received the 'Traineeship of the Year' prize from Skanderborg-Odder Center for Uddannelse. Our then trainee, now sales consultant, Christina Munk Hansen, nominated Natur-Drogeriet - with the words ”The World's Best Workplace”.

Christina Munk Hansen started as a trainee with Natur-Drogeriet in August of 2011. In 2012, she nominated her workplace for 'Traineeship of the Year', stressing the excellent work environment with supportive colleagues and high spirits.

Another important motivation for Christina was the confidence she was shown and the responsibility she was given as a trainee. Christina took an active part in the staff members group and was involved in the several-times-a-year visits from Matas trainees.

Christina gave the following reasons for her nomination of Natur-Drogeriet: ”Every morning when I get up, I look forward to come to work at Natur-Drogeriet. So far I have not had one single day where I didn't want to go to work. I have never experienced this before. Thanks for that, Natur-Drogeriet".

The prize comes with a colourful painting by artist Kirsten Fyhn. It is now decorating the wall of the Natur-Drogeriet main office for everyone to enjoy.

We are lucky to still have Christina as part of the staff. Today, she is our sales consultant in the North of Jutland and responsible for webshops.