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20. April 2022

Why are not all Natur-Drogeriet products organic?

by: Trine Kastbjerg Produktinformation

A number of our products are based on wild herbs, which means that they are not ‘organic. But please note that this, however, does not mean that pesticides have been used.

Wild herbs are just that – wild… They grow in nature, unaided and unsupervised by humans. Thus, it is impossible to control them the way agriculturally cultivated herbs are controlled. And that is the reason why they cannot be called ’organic’.

What does ‘organic’ really mean?

The term ’organic’ is attributed to herbs grown in controlled areas where no artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used. In Denmark, organic products are labelled Ø (organic = økologisk in Danish) to make it easy for consumers to distinguish between organic and conventional products.

So why do we use wild herbs?

The reason why we use wild herbs in many of our products is that we want our herbs to grow in their natural habitat to ensure that they have optimum growth conditions. This is one of our core principles.

Consequently, a number of our products include wild herbs, but we do also have quite a lot of organic products – as you will see here.