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18. June 2019

The 84 Series - a bunch of great teas!

by: Trine Kastbjerg Produktinformation

In 1984, a number of teas saw the light of day - and were named accordingly: the 84 Series. Since then, a number of teas have been added, and some have disappeared over time. Originally, the teas were not meant to be "enjoyed" - they were made to give people in general access to the health-promoting effects of various herbs. However, over time consumers have come to like the rich and varied taste assortment of the 84 Series teas.

All of the teas had an expressive name until the Danish rules for nutrition and health information were tightened up. Now only the year and the number of the tea is indicated - a major challenge for many consumers who knew their favourite tea by its name.

All 84 teas are based on old recipes and handed-down household remedies. Many of the teas are inspired by the work and results obtained by pioneers such as Mikkel Hindhede, K. Nolfi and M. Marcussen. Contemporary pioneers Frede Damgaard, Peer M. Christiansen and Jim Pedersen have also put their stamp on the teas.

In honour of these people and the diversity of the teas, we have re-launched the 84 Series with a new look and new names. Some recipes have been slightly changed and optimised to make sure we make the most of old knowledge and recent discoveries. This means that each cup of tea contains the very best of plant magic.

Teas with experience

The 84 Series comprises a variety of tasty, smoothing and health-promoting herbal teas. One of our main missions is to offer our customer teas that make them feel good - physically and mentally. Consequently, we have spent a long time designing the recipe for each tea to make sure we get the composition and quantities just right. Natur-Drogeriet have always been inspired by major herbalists - their expertise is the basis of the 84 Series.

84 teas - a new look

The former names of the 84 Series teas no longer correspond with the names and numbers of various teas. This is a list of the present 84 Series teas:

  • 8403 Balance te (Balance Tea)
  • 8404 Ro på te (Calm down Tea)
  • 8405 Ringkøbing te (Ringkøbing Tea)
  • 8407 Amme te (Nursing Tea)
  • 8408 Træk vejret te (Breathe Tea)
  • 8409 Hygge te (Have a good time Tea)
  • 8414 Rensende te (Cleansing Tea)
  • 8415 Bitter te (Bitter Tea)
  • 8416 Mavekomfort te (Digestive Comfort Tea)
  • 8417 Zzzove te (Zzzzleep Tea)
  • 8419 Stram op te (Tighten Up Tea)
  • 8424 Vandfalds te (Waterfall Tea)
  • 8426 "Firetyve-syv" te (24/7 Tea)
  • 8427 Horsens te (Horsens Tea)

We hope that you will enjoy every single cup of tea!

Facts about herbal tea

  • Herbal tea contains neither caffeine or theine.
  • When you drink herbal tea, you feel relaxed without being drowsy - or refreshed without being "charged".
  • Herbal teas introduce you to the incredible richness of Nature and her universe of unique flavours.
  • Herbal tea is not addictive like coffee and black tea.
  • Herbal tea contains no roasting remnants.

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