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Tefiltre med snor. 30 filtre

Product no.: 1088

Indispensable for brewing a nice cup of tea

  • For your favourite teas
  • 30 disposable tea filters
  • Easy to use
  • No bleach

Recommended use:. Put your favourite tea into the filter (see dosage on individual teas). Draw the string to close the bag and put the filter into a cup. Fill it up with boiling water. Follow instructions for brewing time. Preferably cover the cup during brewing.

Use these no-bleach tea filters with drawstrings for brewing a cup of our delicious herbal teas.

The secret to a good cup of tea is the brewing time. Flowers, leaves and stems should not brew for very long. Roots and bark require more time. And preferably cover your cup during the brewing time to make sure that "the good stuff" does not evaporate.

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