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Japanese Peppermint oil 500 ml

Product no.: 618500

Get a warming and a cooling effect on your skin at the same time with Japanese Peppermint Oil. You can blend the oil into lotion or carrier oil and massage onto your skin. 

  • Has a calming effect on throat and vocal cords
  • Contributes to a normal digestion
  • Excellent for massage

Recommended use:. Internal use: 1-3 drops 1-2 times per day in a small amount of liquid External use: 2-6 drops in lotion or carrier oil. Rub onto skin several times per day.

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

100 % essential. Japanese Peppermint Oil is the common name for the essential oil steam-distilled from Mentha arvensis var. piperascens Malinv. ex Holmes.

Japanese Peppermint oil has a warming and cooling effect on your skin at the same time, and you can use it for numerous purposes:

Internal use:

As a dietary supplement, peppermint oil has a calming effect on your throat and vocal cords - and it contributes to a normal digestion. 

External use:

Japanese Peppermint Oil drops are pure essential oils. Add a few drops to lotion or cream and rub onto your chest or between your shoulder blades. Your skin will feel cool while the oil makes you feel warm inside.

Make sure you always have a bottle of peppermint oil in your house!


Essential Japanese peppermint oil (Mentha arvensis var. piperascens Malinv. ex Holmes)/Mentha Arvensis Herb Oil.


Content per daily dose

1-6 drops: 0,05-0.3 ml Japanese peppermint oil

Do not exceed stated dose. Pregnant women and children under the age of 11 should consult a doctor or a health practitioner before taking dietary supplements. Keep out of reach of children. Dietary supplements should not replace a well-balanced diet.

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