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Product no.: 4020,50
Dense-flowered mullein for herbal tea

  • Dried mullein flowers
  • Used for herbal tea

Recommended use:. ½-1 tsp per cup of boiling water. Let brew for 5-10 minutes and strain before serving.

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Dense-flowered mullein is a beautiful, tall plant (may grow to two metres). Leaves, stems and flowers are downy giving the plant surface a felt-like appearance. The most common mullein is yellow; other varieties are orange, reddish-brown, deep-red, blue or white.

Dense-flowered mullein is often seen by the roadside or in meadows. Use dried mullein leaves for a nice cup of herbal tea.


Flowers of dense-flowered mullein (Verbascum densiflorum)

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