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Stomach Comfort tea 100 g

Product no.: 11316

Due to the tasty mixture of herbs, you can relish Mavekomfort te at any time - and for any length of time. Contains fennel and caraway seeds that support your digestive function.

  • Contains fennel seeds and caraway that support your digestion

Recommended use:. 10 g per litre of boiling water. Let brew for 10 minutes and strain before serving. Drink throughout the day.

Stomach Comfort tea - in Danish: Mavekomfort te - is pure enjoyment for your taste buds with peppermint, aniseed and lavender. The tea consist of 14 different herbs.

Contains, among other ingredients, fennel seeds, which support a normal digestive tract, and cumin, which supports digestion and digestive functions.


Chamomile flower, peppermint leaves, aniseed, dead nettle, fennel seeds, caraway, psyllium, dandelion, horsetail, root of peony, sage leaves, lavender flower, coriander, echinacea powder.

Should not substitute for a varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle

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