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SteviaSød 400 g

Product no.: 185
Five times sweeter than sugar - 0 calories

  • Use for coffee, tea and other cold and hot beverages
  • Use for cooking and baking
  • Measuring spoon included

Recommended use:. 1 measuring spoon (1 ml) of SteviaSød has the sweetening effect of 1 tsp (5 ml) sugar. Use for coffee, tea and other cold and warm beverages. Use for cooking and baking. 15 g of SteviaSød has approx. the sweetening effect of 100 g of sugar.

  • Vegetarian

SteviaSød is a food sweetener based on erythritol and steviol glycoside (a sweet substance from the stevia plant). Eyrthritol is a sugar alcohol. 

Use sparingly - excessive use may have a laxative effect.

If you use SteviaSød for baking instead of sugar, your cakes may not have the same volume.


Sweeteners (erythritol E968, steviol glycosides from stevia E960 (1.7 %))

Nutritional information

Nutrition facts 100 g

0 kJ

0 kcal


- saturated fats

0 g

0 g


- sugars

- polyols

98 g

0 g

98 g

Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g