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Mandler 250 g (Spanien) Øko

Product no.: 2895
Organic almonds for snacks or cooking.

  • Use whole almonds - or chop, split or slip them
  • Use for marzipan or almond beverages
  • Origin: Spain

Recommended use:. Use for baking and cooking - or as a quick, delicious snack.

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

The almond is a decidious tree that will grow to 4-10 metres in height. Contrary to what most people think, almonds are not nuts, but a drupe. Most trees grow sweet almonds, and a few trees grow bitter almonds. 

Sweet almonds are used for baking, with breakfast cereals or as a healthy snack. In addition, almonds are an ingredient in high-quality marzipan. 


Organic almonds

Nutritional information

Nutrition facts Per 100 g
Energy 2,455 kJ
594 kcal
- saturated fatty acids
4.0 g
- sugars
4.3 g
Dietary fibres 13 g
Protein 26 g
Salt 0.0 g


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