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Hampefrø afskallede 300 g Øko

Product no.: 40035

Recommended use:. Use, e.g., in smoothies and salads and as a healthy sprinkle on your breakfast cereal.

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Hemp seeds have a high protein content and contain Omega-3-, -6- and -9 fatty acids. These organic, husked hemp seeds are treated at room temperature (app. 25°C) and are thus approved as Rawfood.

The taste of husked hemp seeds resembles that of pine and sunflower seeds. Hemp seeds are very nutritious and perfect for delicious and nourishing meals. They contain app. 30 % complete protein, which makes them a good alternative for vegetarians as they may replace various types of animal proteins. 

The seeds have a high concentration of essential fatty acids with app. 45 % oil and may be used instead of hemp seed oil for the daily Omega-3/Omega 6-ratio.

An organic taste experience - pure enjoyment with a great nut-like taste. Only healthy plant oils and a high content of protein and fibres. Add husked organic hemp seeds to muesli, smoothies, porridge, salads, bread and minced meat - or use as an appetizer before a meal. Husked hemp seeds are whitish with a few green membranes and husks. 

Nutritional information

Nutrition facts per 100 g

2,781 kJ

664 kcal

Protein 34.0 g


- sugar

3.1 g

2.6 g


- fatty acids

- omega-3 fatty acids

- omega-6 fatty acids

- omega-9 fatty acids

48.0 g

5.2 g

8.3 g

29.0 g

6.0 g

Dietary fibres 6 g
Salt 0.03 g


Husked organic hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa)

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