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Stinging nettle powder, 120 g, Organic

Product no.: 40025
Organic stinging nettle powder may be used for smoothies, porridges, bread and soup.

  • Common nettle has a high content of protein and fibres
  • Excellent for soups, stews, bread and smoothies

Recommended use:. 1-3 tsp per day. The nettle powder is stirred into water or other liquid. Also suitable for soup, stewing, baking, smoothies and as a green sprinkle. Store dry and not too hot.

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

With the increasing focus in Nordic Cuisine on "eating your weeds", stinging nettle has become a sought after plant. It is so much more than the stinging weed that sometimes gives you painful memories of a walk in the forest or on the meadow. Organic nettle flour may be used for smoothies, porridges, bread and soup.


Organic common nettle powder (Urtica dioica L.), dried and powdered

Nutritional information

Nutrition facts 100 g

1.233 kJ

295 kcal


- saturated fatty acids

3.9 g

0.6 g


- sugars

7.9 g

5.1 g

Dietary fibres 20 g
Protein 47 g
Salt 1.1 g


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