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Johannesbrød-kernemel 100 g

Product no.: 3907,100

Carob trees grow in Mediterranean countries, and their seeds are used for carob flour which may be used as a stabiliser and thickening agent.

  • Stabiliser/thickening agent with no taste
  • May be used for thickening baby formula or breast milk
  • May be used for making dough softer and more supple

Recommended use:. Use 1 g (½ tsp) of carob for 200 ml baby formula: 1. Put the amount of water for the formula into a pot and bring it to the boil. 2. Remove the pot from the heat. 3. Dissolve the corresponding amount of carob in a little cold water. 4. Whisk the solution it into the boiling water and cool to app. 40 degrees. 5. Whisk the baby formula into the thickening. 6. Pour the mixture into capped bottles and put them in the refrigerator.

Carob is a thickening agent (E410) with no taste. It is used for thickening baby formula and breast milk to prevent the milk from returning to the mouth.

Carob contains a type of carbohydrate from the seeds of the carob tree. Flour is made from the seeds of carob fruit. The flour swells and becomes viscous when mixed with water, making it ideal as a stabiliser and thickening agent in food. Try adding carob when you prepare bread to get a soft and supple dough.

Carob may be used in foods where additives are permitted, including orgarnic products.


Carob flour (Ceratonia siliqua)