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Peber hvid hel 100 g

Product no.: 5235,100

Recommended use:. Use as a culinary spice.

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Whole white pepper is a delicious culinary enrichment. 

Pepper is indispensable - regardles of food type. It is available in several colours and flavours. Pepper is the fruit of an evergreen woody vine native to India. All colours of peppercorn (green, black or white) come from the same vine - only the treatment differs. White pepper is the ripe fruit without husks. 

Pepper has a strong, aromatic and 'hot' taste that will bring zest to all kinds of food. The very best way to enjoy pepper is to crush it in a mortar or a pepper mill right before use. The scent of freshly ground pepper arouses your senses, and the taste is intense and aromatic.


Whole white pepper (Piper nigrum)

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