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4. October 2023

New company colours

by: Trine Kastbjerg Produktinformation

As of October 4, 2023, the Natur-Drogeriet universe will adopt a new colour palette – carefully selected low-key colours that are in sync with our core values.

The previous couple of years have seen a gradual change of colours in our marketing materials, and now our website and logo have changed, too.

"The long-standing bright green colour of our logo will be replaced by a softer, low-key green. We want to make an impression of timeless elegance and a classic calm image – and, of course, give our customers a pleasant visual experience,” says Helle Darling, Sales and Marketing Director.

Updated logo

Another major change is the appearance of our logo. Not only will its colour change – from now on you will no longer see our tagline, "Landskendt for naturmidler der virker", beneath the logo.

We make this change to ensure that we have a simple and clearly defined design with no blurred lines. By removing our tagline, we become more flexible as to the adjustment of our branding – without having to change the logo in itself. In addition, a logo without a tagline in Danish has a global appeal.

Gradual transition

We would have liked to change our logo everywhere all at once, but that is not possible. The transition will be gradual as we still have labels with the now former logo in stock - and our environment-friendly business approach does not allow us to scrap labels and other materials. For the same reason, updating the appearance of our products will be a gradual process as well.

We hope you will appreciate our new colours!