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19. June 2019

The Phyto Series - complexity in a capsule

by: Trine Kastbjerg Produktinformation Naturen

The Phyto Series focuses on the effects of the most important herbs Nature has to offer. We give each herb the chance to display its unique complexity because we truly believe that all of the plant substances work together to bring you an added effect.

When first launched, the Phyto Series was aimed at health practitioners. As time has passed, everyone loves and uses the products - all of us who love Nature's treasure trove.

All of our products - Phyto Series and others - are subject to continuous change and optimisation as needed. Thus, new products will be added as knowledge and demand increases.

A heartfelt wish for vegetable capsules 

A rising number of our products - including those of the Phyto series - are now available in vegetable HPMC capsules. HPMC is short for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, the substance from which our veggie capsules are made. HPMC is extracted from plant fibres.

Empty vegetable capsules contain no animal by-products, preservatives, artificial colours, starch, sugar, maize, wheat or dairy products. And they are GMO free.

It is important for us that the vegetable capsules are of an excellent quality as herbs must not interact with the herbs. Consequently, we cannot perform an instant change into veggie capsules - we have to perform extensive testing to ensure the quality of each product. Our veggie capsule products are labeled with an expressive icon developed in-house.

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