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Product no.: 95010

A package for your busy days with lots of activities

The Stress Package comprises

  • Super B-Complex, 120 capsules
  • Ecolomega® fish oil, 120 capsules
  • Stress-A Complex tea, 100 g

Recommended use:. See 'Detailed description'

Super B-Complex is a valuable supplement for a busy everyday life; a unique blend of four adaptogen herbs that support your nervous system - among other effects. The adaptogens - mongolian milk vetch, magnolia vine, arctic root and siberian ginseng - help rebalance your body in stressful situations.
Usage: Adults: 3 capsules per day, divided into 1-3 doses.

Ecolomega® is a 100 % natural fish oil containing omega-3, -6, -7 and -9 fatty acids. Omega-3 contains DHA and EPA that contribute to a normal heart function at a daily intake of 250 mg DHA and EPA. DHA contributes to the maintenance of a normal brain function and a normal vision at a daily intake of 250 mg. 
Usage: 2-4 capsules with a meal.

Stress-A Complex te is a delicious combination of herbs, e.g., lemon balm, that will help you relax and regain your mental and physical well-being. It has a fresh taste of lemongrass. Also available in handy capsules - perfect for a busy day!
Usage: 1 tsp per cup of boiling water. Let brew for 5-10 minutes and strain before serving. Drink 1-2 cups 3 times per day. 

Do not exceed stated dose. Pregnant women and children under the age of 11 should consult a doctor or a health practitioner before taking dietary supplements. Keep out of reach of children. Dietary supplements should not replace a well-balanced diet.